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For those who devote themselves to serving the public, maintaining personal well-being is essential. Our Reiki for Self-Care class offers an elegant solution to reducing stress, enhancing focus, balancing emotions, and boosting energy. In this supportive group setting, you’ll meet others like you, sharing experiences and learning how to overcome challenges through the gentle practice of Reiki. You’ll cultivate mental clarity, emotional resilience, and physical vitality. Your ability to meet the demands of public interaction will be enhanced by this all-encompassing approach.  Join us to nurture your well-being, understand how to handle stress through Reiki, take these practices home, and become a better, more balanced you.


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3:00pm -5:00pm PST



9:00 am – 11:00am PST

3:00pm – 5:pm PST

You're going to learn:

Discovering Reiki: The History and Healing Powers of Energy Therapy

You will be learning about the history and healing powers of energy therapy and exploring the ancient art of energy healing. Uncover the rich history of Reiki and experience its profound benefits for the mind, body, and spirit.

Empower Your Self-Protection

Experience the transformative power of Reiki and take charge of your self-protection journey. This unique offering blends the ancient wisdom of Reiki with contemporary techniques to help you cultivate resilience, balance, and empowerment.

Reiki Wellness Community: Embrace Continuous Healing

Join our vibrant Reiki Wellness Community and embark on a journey of continuous healing and personal growth together. Our supportive environment allows you to explore the ancient art of Reiki, share experiences, and learn from one another.

Extra Bonuses!

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30 minute Call with just me

Transform your day in just thirty minutes! Join me for a personalized Reiki session where we’ll explore how this ancient healing practice can uniquely benefit you. Whether you’re dealing with stress, seeking mental clarity, or needing a boost of energy, this session is designed to uplift and rejuvenate. We’ll discuss your specific needs and apply targeted Reiki techniques to help unblock your energy pathways and restore balance. My goal is for you to leave feeling refreshed, empowered, and more connected with yourself. Elevate your well-being and feel like a new person—book your session today and experience the profound benefits of Reiki tailored just for you.

Men's Small Energy Flow Design

2nd Bonus

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Custom Make Apple Watch Band

Enhance your daily routine with our exclusive Reiki Apple Watch band! Not only is this band designed to help you function better by integrating the calming principles of Reiki into your everyday life, but it also adds a stylish touch to your wardrobe. Crafted to complement any look, this watch band is perfect for those who value both wellness and fashion. To ensure you get the fullest experience of Reiki’s benefits, we’re excited to offer you a special 25% discount on your purchase. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to elevate both your style and well-being!

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3rd Bonus


Free ebook

Get a free End of Life Planner book with your purchase of this class. This indispensable guide is ideal for anyone planning their final arrangements, providing comfort and reassurance to both you and your loved ones. It serves as an excellent tool for healthcare, therapy, and insurance professionals to share with their clients, helping to foster trust and strengthen connections. Improve your daily well-being and secure lasting advantages in your personal and professional life with this vital planner.


Release tension from your work

Improved Decision Making

Emotional Clarity and Spiritual Growth

Physical Healing and Pain Relief

Personal Empowerment and Self-Confidence

Empowered and Enlightened: A Client's Story

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"The soul has the ability to hear things the mind does not.

Meet Your Guide

Heather Potvin, originally from Canada, met her husband Howard online in 1999. They married in 2000 and moved to sunny Southern California. After 22 wonderful years together, Heather was by Howard’s side as he began his final journey. This deeply personal experience was a turning point for Heather, leading her to discover her true calling in Reiki.

With an MBA in accounting, Heather’s professional journey took a significant shift as she became a Certified End-of-Life Doula, Reiki Master, and Sound and Energy Practitioner. She is dedicated to helping people find healing and peace in their lives. Heather understands that when our minds and energy are out of balance, it can lead to physical problems. By balancing and clearing the Chakras, she provides gentle and compassionate support, helping to restore harmony to the body and soul. Experience the calming and healing benefits of Reiki with Heather, and invite peace into your life.

My Mission: To guide individuals towards holistic healing and inner peace by harnessing the power of Reiki, promoting balanced energy, and fostering overall well-being through compassionate and personalized care.

Client Love

Reiki for Self-Care has been transformative for me. As a public servant, managing stress and maintaining well-being was challenging. This class offered practical techniques to enhance focus, balance emotions, and boost energy. I've noticed a significant improvement in my mental clarity and emotional resilience. Highly recommended for anyone in public service.
Jane Thompson
Community Outreach Manager
"I've always been fascinated by chakras and their significance in our wellbeing. I knew I had to have one when I found these Chakra Beaded Apple Watch Bands. It's more than just a watch band; it's a symbol of harmony and inner peace that I carry throughout the day. The quality of the beads and the craftsmanship is top-notch. It's a beautiful way to stay connected to my practice."
Wellness Coach
ChatGPT As a yoga instructor, balancing the physical and emotional demands of teaching can be challenging. After participating in the Reiki for Self-Care class, I experienced a profound transformation in managing my yoga classes. The techniques I learned in Reiki helped reduce stress, enhance focus, and maintain emotional balance, directly impacting my teaching style and class environment. It made me a better, more balanced version of myself and improved how I manage my yoga classes.
Emily Harper
Yoga Instructer
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