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How Energy Sessions Help

Energy Sessions are designed to help you achieve a balance between your physical, mental, and emotional states. May help you feel improved energy levels, a boost in overall wellness, and a heightened sense of tranquility in your everyday life.

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Does taking a test freak you out? Or a visit to the dentist make you anxious? Does the thought of speaking in front of people make you want to run? What if you could calm your mind, still your racing heart, and bring balance and peace to your soul.


Empower Healing Class

August 2024


Are you looking to prepare for the future with confidence and ease? Our comprehensive ‘End of Life’ booklet is now available absolutely free! This valuable resource is designed to guide you through the essential aspects of end-of-life planning.

  • Purpose of the booklet: To help individuals document their final wishes and essential information for their loved ones.
  • Importance of planning ahead: Eases decision-making for family members and ensures the individual’s preferences are honored.
  • Encouragement to discuss contents with family or a trusted advisor.


Quiet Your Mind, Calm Your Body, and Bring Peace to Your Soul

Heather Potvin works with the energy in your body, to bring balance and serenity to the 3 key areas of your life – Mind, Body and Soul. Everything on earth has an energy frequency, even the rocks and trees. What if you could tap into that energy and change or balance the frequency in your body.

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