Within the mind’s passage, each thought is a stepping stone to a universe yet discovered.  

Heather Potvin focuses on balancing the energy in your mind using the vibration of the tuning forks, with Reiki to clear energy blockages in your upper Chakras.

Meditation is good for the mind. It can help you still the chatter in your head. It’s a learned skill, and can come from many different teachers.  Some resources are the Sylva Mind Control, a life coach, or guided meditation classes, to help you develop the skill of meditation.


Gentle touch, a soothing energy that flows through the body, unlocking the power of healing from within

Balancing the energy in your body is something Heather Potvin can help you with. She uses the vibration of the tuning forks, with Reiki, to clear energy blockages in all your Chakras.

Each of the seven chakras align with specific points in your body.   When these are out of balance – Your energy doesn’t flow – that can lead to physical ailments. Balancing and clearing these Chakras can help bring the body back in to a healthier state. Adding this to eating healthy, being active, and calming the mind will help you become whole.


Gentle whisper that touches the depths of our soul, awakening the light within, and guiding us on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual transformation.

As a Transitional Doula, Heather Potvin helps by providing compassionate assistance and guidance, ensuring a peaceful passage of the soul. Get in touch today for your personalized consultation with Heather Potvin, tailored to your unique needs.

It has been said by clergy, hospice, and home health care professionals; how the soul passes from this life determines how the soul will be on the other side.  Some cultures believe we live many lives, learning from each time on earth.  Whether you believe in Heaven, Valhall, or the great beyond; you believe there is something after this life.  The passing of a soul is not about us. It is about making their passing as peaceful for them as possible.  Helping a loved one’s soul pass peacefully is an honor and a blessing.


Reiki is the sacred Japanese technique of restoring energy balance to activate natural healing in the body

That depends on how your body reacts to the sessions, and how long it holds the balance.

On average, an hour, again it depends on how your body reacts during the clearing of blockages

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